Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Another Anuszkiewicz-Uncort Lead

It's been about a year since I have posted or had anything to post about.


I have another lead on my ANUSZKIEWICZ-UNCORT line.

I was contacted via Ancestry DNA matches by a woman named Adele. She is the granddaughter of Marie/Maryann ANUSZKIEWICZ, one of my Grandmother's older sisters. Through her, I was able to confirm the marriage of Marie/Maryann ANUSZKIEWICZ-UNCORT and Joseph KOZLOWSKI. I had also found that Marie/Maryann was married a second time to someone with the surname KOBRYN - I have a lead on his name as well, but I do not want to post until it is confirmed.


Adele had sent me the above photo of Maryann. Below is a photo of my Grandmother.


I still have no lead on the name change. There also is no consistency. They seem to use both names at various times. For instance, on my Mother's birth certificate, her mother is listed as Helen UNCORT but four months later when my Mother was baptized, her mother was listed as Helen ANUSZKIEWICZ.

A mystery I am still trying to solve.