Monday, May 09, 2005

Family Graves - Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is just outside of Philadelphia in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County. It is owned/maintained by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It was established in 1895 and is another example of the beautifully landscaped cemeteries here in Philadelphia. It too has the large ornate statues and headstones that most of the older Victorian type cemeteries have.

My husband's Paternal side of the family are buried here, his Father and Grandparent's. His father and his father's first wife, Anna SALVATICO, as well as, their son are buried in this cemetery. In the same grave with them is Anna's parents, James and Adeline.
My husband's Grandparent's are also buried in this cemetery in a separate plot. In this grave is Felix and Anna Faustina FICOCCILLI MAIALETTI and one of their four sons, Domenic.

I had no idea that I had family in this cemetery until I was contacted by Linda PAUL. Linda is married to a descendant of, Henry PAUL, one of the brothers of my Great-grandfather, John PAUL. There are two PAUL Graves here. One is the grave of John J. PAUL, son of Henry PAUL and Elizabeth TROST PAUL.
The other PAUL Grave has the remains of Henry and Elizabeth, mentioned above, as well as:
William J. PAUL - son of Henry and Elizabeth
Regina MULLEN PAUL - wife of John J. PAUL
Catherine *LEINS PAUL - wife of Harry G. PAUL
Joseph PAUL
Harry G. PAUL - son of Henry and Elizabeth; husband of Catherine LEINS PAUL.

*NOTE - The LEINS Family is buried in Holy Redeemer Cemetery on Richmond St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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