Sunday, May 15, 2005

Family Photographers

We have quite a few people in our family interested in photography as a hobby - and one who is considering a career in photography.

My Mom-Mom, Marie Katharine PAUL KAELIN was one of them. My Dad use to tell me about how she would always have her camera with her at family functions and outings. She is probably responsible for most of the photos of my Dad when he was a kid.

Then we have my Dad who is definitely responsible for photos of us as children. He also has photos from weddings he shot in his early 20's, most of these weddings were his friends. He also has photos of various places around the US that he visited.

Most of my photos are the usual photos of my children and family get togethers. I have an interest in landscapes. I love the beauty of nature and what better way to capture it than in a photograph.
Lately, I have become interested in taking photos in cemeteries. The older cemeteries are wondeful to photograph. There is so much history and believe it or not - fine art work. The statues and old monuments found in the turn of the century cemeteries are beautiful works of art.

Besides the three of us show below, we have other photographers in the family:
My Mother - she always had a camera on her. We have lots of pictures of us as we were going into our teens. A lot of these were of us and our friends just being kids. She did not like the formal, static photos of professional photographers, so she took photos of us at play and at parties.

My Daughter - she accompanies me on a lot of my photo outings, and although she pretty much photograph the same things that I do, she brings a different perspective to the scene. She also takes her camera with her to a lot of her school dances and class trips. I think she is definitely a better photographer than I am. I love her work. She took the photo of me below.

My Niece - she want to be a professional photographer. I have not seen any of her work but from what I understand, she lives with her camera.

My Mpther-in-Law - We gave her a camera for Christmas or something a few years ago, and she loved it. She takes pictures at every family function there is, and she thoroughly enjoys it.

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