Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Genealogical Status - So Far

Although I set this blog up for all my genealogical research, I will be concentrating mainly on my Hawaiian Ancestry.

I have been doing my family history research for nearly 16 years. I have my Paternal lines both traced back to their countries of origin:
KAELIN in Einsiedeln, Switzerland
PAUL in Unterleichtersbach, Bavaria, Germany

I am just beginning to trace my Maternal lines. These lines are from the Ka'u District on the Island of Hawai'i and Poland.

I am just starting out with this blog. I still need to organize my thoughts, photos and other research material before I post them.

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Anonymous said...

My family name "KAHANA" also comes from the Ka'u Side of the Island of Hawaii. My father comes from a family borne & raised in "Opihikau" & "Ka'u". All the "Kahana" family in these islands are related. Although, after reviewing your photos & relative names, it didn't seem familiar. I may have been only a twinkle in my parents eyes. Let me know if I can help. "Email me at ""