Friday, May 06, 2005

Kahana Gravesite

Holy Cross Cemetery

I went to Holy Cross in the fall of 2004. I wanted to find the grave of my Grandfather, David KAHANA, and also the grave of my Great-grandfather, Stanislav (Stanley) *ANUSZKIEWICZ UNCORT.

Holy Cross is just outside the City of Philadelphia to the southwest in Delaware County.

I was surprised to find that my Uncle Stan was buried with his parents. I was disappointed that Grandmom's name does not yet appear on the stone. She has been gone for three years now.

The grave of my Great-grandfather, Stanislav, was very disappointing - he lies in an unmarked grave with his son, Stanley. Also buried in this grave is Stanislav's brother-in-law, Joseph SIGMOND. A follow-up phone call to the cemetery yielded the following:

Stanley UNCORT Sr.
Age: 48
Buried: 5 June 1934

Age: 55
Buried: 13 April 1939

Stanley UNCORT, Jr.
Age: 85
Buried: 12 June 1995

The cemetery has no record of my Great-grandmother, Alexandria (Alice) SIGMOND ANUSZKIEWICZ UNCORT. I guess I will have to write to the Catholic Cemeteries Office dowtown to see if they could tell me what cemetery she is in.

*NOTE - The name ANUSZKIEWICZ UNCORT is two separate names. ANUSZKIEWICZ is the name that Stanislav was born with. When he and his wife Alexandria came to the US, the name was eventually changed to UNCORT.

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