Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mysterious Kahana Relatives?

Mysterious and Elusive.
My Hawaiian side has been just that, mysterious and elusive. They are hard to trace. I have so few photos, and the faces in the photos are so unfamiliar to me.

The little girl Denise, in the photos below, I believe may be a KALAI. I remember when I was little visiting the KALAI's, and if I remember correctly some of the children's names were Denise, Doreen and Danny. I don't remember if there were any more children, but I do remember these three.

The little girl - holding the doll - in one of the other photos, is most likely a KAHANA. I was told she was my Mother, but I don't think she is. The smile is all wrong. My Mother's smile showed more of her teeth. I think she may be one of my Mom's sisters.

I have no idea who the adults are in the last two pictures, however, they do appear to be related, or at the very least Hawaiian.

If you have any idea who any of these people are, please do not hesitate to leave your comments.

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Manaia Alofa said...

Thank you!

I am a subscriber of SWITZERLAND-L and lo-n-behold! while the topic was religion on the List, it was your name that caught my interest.

The RW family list KAELIN-L held me captive for I will subscribe and was going to ask you if there is any significance with the forename Kaelyn and the surname KAELIN.

I am of Scottish descent and named my daughter Kaelyn. But when I was directed to:
Kaelin Ancestry Page
I couldn't believe my eyes!

Polynesian... my first thoughts when I'd seen your name.

I've been searching going on five years now, but I've learned "my thoughts are mine till I can prove otherwise".

My ancestors originate from Cornwall, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, Samoa, oh, you can name it, I probably can find a surname related to me.

I love how you can leave a record, such as this, for your loved-ones.

Thanks again for a great memory.

Good Hunting, --manaia