Monday, December 05, 2005

Did Not Go Downtown Yet

I did not get a chance to go downtown to the National Archives yet. There has just been so much going on. Some day I will get down there.

What I did do was send out 10 letters. I visited the LDS Website and ran a search for KAHANA. I got back 9 results from their Ancestral Files. I click on the submitters information and copied the address. I did the same for the name KALAI - only 1 result, and the name KEAHINUI - only 1 result here too. I wrote a letter explaining what I was looking for, added a fact sheet, and a genealogy report; and sent them out in the mail.
I guess I will just have to wait and see if this yields any results.

My Mom and Dad had ran away to get married. My Grandmother, my Mom's mother, did not want them to get married. My Mom and Dad had the parish priest come and talk to her, but she still would not give her permission (at that time, in the Sate of Pennsylvania, people under the age of 21 had to have parental consent to get married). So, they made plans to run away. I believe that my Mom went to stay with her Aunt Stella who lived in Baltimore, Maryland. I do not know if Aunt Stella knew that her neice was planning to get married, and I do not know how long my Mom stayed there before she was married, but eventually my Dad met her down there.
They were married in The Church of the Sacred Heart in Baltimore on 26 November 1955.

The picture below was taken shortly after they were married.

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