Friday, July 07, 2006

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

I was talking to someone at The Office of Hawaiian Affairs - I was checking the status of my Hawaiian Registry Application. On my application I had checked that I needed help verifying my ancestry, and the woman I was talking to - Myrna, was very helpful. Only problem was - everything she had suggested I had already done!

We got to talking about a conversation I had with one of my cousins about the KAHANA family possibly owning land in Hawai'i. She told me that I should check the Bureau of Land Conveyances. So, I am going to write to them and see if they can help.

Another idea she said to try was to write to the Hawaii State Archives. I had told her that I know the name of the ship that Grandpop Dave entered Philadelphia on. She had suggested to try the State Archives to see if he is listed on any of the out-going ships. I emailed the State Archives and asked them if they could point me in the right direction. This way when I write to them I know exactly where or who to address my letter to.

I also emailed The Hawaiian Historical Society asking them if they would have any type of records, such as older Birth Certificates, that may be able to searched.

She had also told me that my next step may be to get oral confirmation.
I was telling her about the other Hawaiian names I am researching and about the KALAI family. I have always been told that they were cousins. Recently I have been told that they are not relatives in the true sense - please do not take offense, I do not know how else to word it. I was told that the are 'cousins' only because they are 'Hawaiian'.
Anyway, I was telling her that there is another Hawaiian family out here. She said that if I could get oral confirmation from one of the Kalai's that Grandpop Dave was Hawaiian, that it would be accepted for my Hawaiian Registry. She said that I would need some sort of eye witness account that Grandpop Dave was Hawaiian and that his family were also Native Hawaiians.
I will have to call her and get some more information and find out exactly what I need and how to go about getting it. I will also look up Pete Kalai's phone number if the phone book and give him a call. Who knows maybe he will even be able to give me some pointers or a new direction to try.

I also sent out 5 letters to people who may possibly be relatives. I wrote to the KAHANA relatives that Kalai's Mom sent to me, and I wrote to the KAHANA HEKEKIA family members. I only mailed them out yesterday, so it may be awhile before I hear anything.


Michael Kalai said...


I am Daniel Kalai's Grandson I may be able to help.


Elana said...

Hi i Am descendant of David Kahana(hes my Great Grand pop) if theirs anything i can do or if you have a birth Certificate of David please let me know. thanks

Elana Kahana

DKMaialetti said...

Hi Elana, Unfortunately there is no Birth Certificate for Grandpop. I have written everywhere. I have an official paper stating there is "No Record".

Native Hawaiian Genealogy Society said...

Aloha E:

I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for linking the NHGG (Native Hawaiian Genealogy Group) within your blog. As President of the group it is great to see that our message of unified research and mutual respect for our kupuna through shared learnings is being propogated through other websites.

As a tip, and I am sure you have most likely done this, have your searched the ship manifests on I have found many of my ohana this way.

Mahalo nui loa and aloha pumehana once again for your link.

Kawika Kolomona Kamakeeaina