Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Waiting on KAHANA and Update on RITCHIE

I have not been able to work on this as much as I'd like. I have been very busy with work. Right now I am playing a waiting game, and after I look over some more of my notes, I will be sending for more Vital Stats.

I sent a request to the Hawai'i Department of Health - Vital Records - back in April for a copy of my Grandpop Dave's birth certificate. I am still waiting. I called them last night to check on the progress, the response I received was that they were still checking.
I asked the woman I was talking to what the possibilities were that he had one. She had asked what year he was born and what Island. After I told her she said that chances were pretty good. I hope she is right.

I also sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Health - Vital Records - for a copy of my Mom's birth certificate. I just sent out for that last week, so that will definitely take a few more weeks.

Update on RITCHIE Surname
Tony's Aunt Catherine has a copy of her Uncle Patrick's will, dated November 1953. She photocopied it and sent it to Tony's Mom - who lent it to me to scan.
Patrick J. RITCHIE was a priest in Baltimore and when he died he left his estate to his brother's descendants. This will lists the names of the three brothers:
Aloysius J. RITCHIE
It also lists the names of all of their children - 22 in all - who I am not going to name here. Some of the women are listed with their married names, but not their husband's first names.

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