Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Kahana Brick Wall is Getting Bigger

I am beginning to wonder if my Grandfather ever existed. Everywhere I look is another DEAD END!

I did write to about a dozen people in Hawai'i who share the Kahana surname and a few variations. I received 2 back stating that no such person existed. I have not heard from any of the others. Hopefully I will soon.

I think that the reason I am not finding anything is because of the name Kahana. I have been told that the name KAHANA is a shortened version of Grandpop Dave's name. The original name is/was quite long. I remember as a child seeing this name written on a piece of paper, it was a huge name (at least to a child) and written next to it was "later changed to Kahana". Unfortunately I do not remember the full name. The name was written by my Mother. Family story is that my Mother knew the name. Uncle Mark has asked me several times if I have seen it or if my Mother ever told me what it was. So, I am assuming that the name I saw was Grandpop Dave's full Hawaiian name.

So, going by that assumption, I think the name is the key. I need to find his full Hawaiian name to proceed. Before I find that - or to help me find it - I need to learn about Hawaiian naming customs. I have posted a query on the Hawaii-L and I have been doing Internet searches. So far there does not seem to be any special way of naming a child.

I also believe - or hope - that searching passenger lists for the Port of Philadelphia, on the date he arrived (23 August 1910) might help. I am guessing that he may have left Hawai'i using his full name, but when he entered the U.S., it may have been changed.

If that is the case, and I get the full name, then I may be able to find him in Hawai'i.

I do not know when I will be able to get in town to look for this information. Soon I hope.

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