Thursday, September 01, 2005

Another Dead End

I heard from the Roman Catholic Church in Hawai'i -- "NO RECORDS"

I received a letter from them in the mail stating that they found no sacramental records for Grandpop Dave. However, the name KAHANA appeared 3 times:
twice as a middle name,
once as a femal child.
I called the R.C. Church Archives. I tried to get copies of them, thinking that maybe one of them could be Grandpop or maybe his sister, but she would not let me get copies because I could not prove I was related. I understand that.

She had suggested that I try the University of Hawai'i's Plantation Records. She had told me that since he was from the Big Island and the district where Kilauea is, that sugar and fishing were the two main industries in this area in the late 1800 - early 1900. She said that I might be able to find him through the Plantation Records. So I will give that a try.

She also had suggested that I check out the State Department of Hawai'i website.

Another suggestion is to write to people in the Ka'u District who share the same last name as Grandpop Dave. I have checked the Internet White Pages and have come up with:
5 Kahana
4 Kahananui
3 Kahanaoi
I am not sure which Islands these people are from, but I am going to write to all of them.

Nettie, the woman I was talking to had tried to help me to correctly pronounce my Great-grandparents names:
My Great-grandfather's name - Lakalu, is pronounced Lah kah loo
My Great-grandmother's name - Kalauia, is pronounced Kah lau ee ah

She also helped with the pronunciation of another name I am trying to tie in with my Kahana ohana:
James Keahinui, is pronounced Key ahi new ee

The District my Grandfather was born in Ka'u, is pronounced Kah oo

Well, I am going to get busy writing those letters. Hopefully I will get somewhere with this.


Anonymous said...

In case your search is not going as you would like it, I would lilke to inform you that I am a Kahana'oi (pronounced kah-hah-nah-oi , as in boy). My family is from the island of O'ahu, from the Ko'olaupoko district (an area known as Wai'ahole). My email, if you just wanna talk story, is

Anonymous said...

Hi, My maiden name is "KAHANA" - I am (1) of (6) children borne to Ernest L Kahana & Marion Aina (Kaili). My father who is deceased was raised in Opihikau on the island of Hawaii. I don't know much of my dad's family for my parents were separated at a very young age. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to email me @