Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Trying to Fix Photo of Grandpop Dave

I have been trying to fix the only photo I have of my Grandfather.

The original I am working from is a photocopy, that is maybe 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". It was among the papers I received from the Civil Service Commission when I requested information about Grandpop Dave being a Merchant Marine. It is a mug-shot.

I have tried to restore photos before - just erasing tears, of other minor abrasions on the photo - but this one I think is going to be a little harder than that. This needs to be evened out. There appears to be a line straight down the middle of the pictures - it could possibly be the lighting - that makes the photo appear darker on the one side. I would like to even that out to make the lighting appear more natural. I was able to do this with the background already, but his face is a little more complicated.

I turned it into a sepia tone because I wanted to use it in one of my scrapbooks but I do not like the way it turned out - it is too noisey/grainy.

So, it is back to the proverbial drawing board.

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'Analū said...

Aloha ahiahi ka-ua, e Dee! Pehea 'oe? Mahalo no ka-u leka uila!
Hau'oli loa au!

Dear Dee,

I was very happy to get your message! I am studying Hawaiian alone, as
you probably know from my blog, and there are times when I just feel
like giving up. This is one of those times. I am a little busy, have
lots of stress from work and then start to ask myself why I am studying
Hawaiian. I have no Hawaiian blood in me, I have never visited the
islands, can only think of ever meeting one Hawaiian in my life. What's
more, there are so few materials for learning. I get very frustrated
because I cannot find how to say the simplest of things sometimes. I was
looking for the world weekend, but since it isn't in my dictionary, I
am at a lost. I shall stop complaining!

Really thanks very much for your message! It is just what I needed
today! I have done a lot of reviewing of the vocabulary this afternoon
and although I have taught myself some of the basics, it still isn't
enough to write my blog freely.

How do you study the language? Do your parents or grandparents
understand Hawaiian? How would you describe your level--basic, intermediate,
advanced? I have no idea what level I am at, but thinking about all
the hours I have been studying since I started in July, I would say that
I should be some where in the intermediate level, but when I try to
write a sentence or two in my blog, I realize that I am definitely in the
basic level. If you are interested in studying together, it may be

Ah, one last question. How did you find my blog? I tried to list it
at Yahoo and Google, but it still doesn't appear when I search there.

Once again, thanks very much for your message and I do hope to hear
from you again if you have some free time.

Friendly thoughts,