Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Still No Information About My Kahana'a

Everywhere I turn I am finding a DEAD END!

Does this person really exist?

I received another letter back marked "No Such Address" That makes 3 out of 12 letters I sent that were more DEAD ENDS.

I did receive a letter and genealogy report from one of the letters I send. The woman's name is Jeanne and although she is not related, it was very nice of her to write back to me. She sent me back a letter, some family group sheets with her family's information, an ancestral chart and some photos. She did say that she had some KAHANA information around and that when she finds it she will send it to me.
I am in the process of writing her back to thank her for her response. I am also sending her family group sheets of my family, a genealogy report, and photos.

I need to find out how to get a 'Delayed Birth Certificate'. Hopefully there is one on file somewhere with Grandpop Dave's name on it. I am also not sure if a Delayed Birth Certificate is the same as a 'Certificate of Hawaiian Birth'. I need to find out that also.

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