Thursday, July 13, 2006

Progress - or Not

Still not progress in the search for Grandpop Dave and his family in Hawaii.

I called the Bureau of Land Conveyances in Hawaii to see if there was any way I could research land records long distance, e.g., through the mail. No, I have to go to Hawaii and search myself or have a family member do it for me, or hire someone. This is a temproary set back.

I emailed the State Archives asking how to proceed in doing long distance research - no response yet. I also email the Hawaiian Historical Society asking the same thing - no response from them either.

I have heard from Mike Kalai. He is the Grandson of Danny Kalai that I mentioned on one of these pages. Mike had read my blog and contacted me. I remember his Dad, also Danny, from when I was a kid - we use to visit the Kalai's, and I remember the kids being: Danny, Denise and Doreen. Mike was talking to his Grandmom and she remembers my family. Mike's Grandfather and Uncle Pete were at my Dad's funeral back in October. So I know they remember the family. Hopefully when I get around to talking to them, they will remember Grandpop Dave and be able to supply some information about his life in Hawaii.

I was also contacted by William Kuamoo, Sr. He was one of the people I wrote to a few weeks ago. He was one of the organizers of the Kahana and Hekekia Family Reunion in 2004. He also believe's that the KAHANA and HEKEKIA families are one. He has a David KAHANA that he is also researching and he believe's it is my Grandfather. I hope so, however, his David's parents names are not the same as I have, so I am not so sure. I emailed him this morning and asked hime how Grandpop Dave fits in and that I did not see the connection. I probably will not hear from him until late tonight or tomorrow - Hawaii is 6 hours behind us here on the East Coast.

I still have 4 other people who I sent letters to that I have not heard from, so...

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