Friday, December 15, 2006

Quick Update

I was running a search on the LDS website on just the surname KAHANA and I was surprised to find the following:


this person's father's name was:

John Kahanakamali KAOHIMANU

Samuel's surname is the name that I was given by one of my cousins, including the missing last letter. However, if you look at his father's name you will notice that it ends in the letter 'u'. In one of my other posts I had stated that I thought that the last letter was transcribed incorrectly, but looking at this name I see that it could also be missing.
It is a long shot but I think it is a try.
I got the submitter's name and I am going to write to him to see if any of my information sounds familiar to him.
I also am waiting for some info from Hawai'i
Update on two of my posts:
05-08-05 - Mysterious Kahanas
The photo of the little girl named Denise is Denise Kalai.
The photo of me & my sister Betty Ann, we are pictured with Frank & Lilian Kahana.
05-22-05 - Meet Some of The Kahanas
The photo of my Mom with one of her sisters, the sister is Gloria.

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