Thursday, February 08, 2007

Some Updates

I wrote to the person whose information was on the LDS site, unfortunately I have not heard from them.

I received information from Hawaii.
It is very confusing. One of the papers state that:

Kahana (k) & Kalama (w) had a daughter Kekuewa

This paper states that this is the sister of my Grandfather, David Kahana. However, except for the names (Kahana & Kalama) there is no other proof that these are my Kahana relatives. I have nothing that links my Grandfather to these three people. I still have not been able to find a birth certificate for my Grandfather.

I have found quite a few ships lists with James Keahinui working aboard them. I found all of them on

James Keahinui – Ships served on

SS Mala
04/24/1932 – 05/03/1932
06/12/1932 – 06/22/1932
02/02/1933 – 02/17/1933
03/28/1933 – 04/05/1933
05/09/1933 – 05/20/1933
06/22/1933 – 07/05/1933
12/23/1933 – 01/05/1934
02/12/1934 – 02/22/1934

SS Dynastic

SS Brockholst Livingston
05/16/1944 – 07/18/1944

SS Memnon
08/08/1944 – 12/23/1944

SS Charles A. Keffer
01/13/1945 – 02/08/1945

SS William W. Seaton
07/13/1946 – 09/08/1946

SS Montebello Hills
11/21/1948 – 11/30/1948

SS Camas Meadows
10/24/1950 – 11/14/1950
11/08/1950 – 10/31/1950
12/04/1950 – 12/09/1950

He was working aboard all of these ships as an able-bodied seaman


Anonymous said...

Are you a descendent of the Hawaiians in the Pacific Northwest who were originally brought there by the Hudson Bay Company. For Instance the Kalama and Kahana and or AKA Kahananui family? If so I can help you.

DKMaialetti said...

I cannot say for sure whether or not I am related to the KAHANA or KAHANANUI in the Pacific Northwest. I have been researching my Hawaiian Grandfather for years - all with not luck.
I do know he was born in Ka'u District on the Island of Hawai'i, but there is no birth record to verify this.
I have been told that my Grandfather's surname, KAHANA, is a shortened version of a longer name, but again I cannot verify.
I definitely would be interested in following up on your offer for help, to see if I am related to the KAHANANUI clan in the Pacific Northwest.

Jos Odijk said...

If you leave me your email adress I can send you the crewlist with Keahinui, James mentioned on the SS Dynastic. Member of the Murmansk convoy in WWII.

greetings Jos Odijk