Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Quick Update - Actually A Few Leads

I had been contacted by a cousin named Napua Lucas. She is the granddaughter of David Kahana - Grandpop Dave!!!!!

Napua is the daughter of Josephine Kahana, whose mother is Bertha!! Finally, I have proof that Bertha did exist. I sort of had proof that she existed when I found - or was given - the information about David Longfeather, but now I have been in contact with her Granddaughter!

There really isn't much information. Apparently Napua doesn't know much more than I do. She actually said that I was able to find more information than she actually knows. She did confirm that the family originated from the Big Island of Hawaii, and that some of the Kahana Ohana live in Oahu.

She also confirmed that her mother, Josephine was put in a home during the Depression - I previously found Josephine and her brother, Frank in the 1930 Census, both in Orphanages.
Josephine was in The Catholic Home for Destitute Children,
Frank, in St. John's Male Orphan Asylum

Josephine Kahana, eventually changed her name to Napua.
Josephine's first marriage was to Henry KAMANUWAI, and they had a son, also named Henry.
Henry Jr. died about 2 years ago from prostate cancer.
Josephine remarried, and she had two daughters.
I am not sure if Josephine is still alive, but I do know that her second husband had died about 2 years ago.

Napua also said that the last time she saw or heard from her Aunt Ada (Josephine's sister) that she lived in Hawaii.

She also said that Grandpop Dave had a brother named, Charles. I asked Aunt Diane (one of my Mom's sisters) about this and she said as far as she knew, Grandpop Dave was the oldest of 3 brothers, but the name Charles did not ring a bell.

So, although it is not exactly progress in the true sense of the word, it is more like confirmation-progress.


Hinano said...

I wonder if we are cousins. My great grandfather is David Kaohimaunu Kahana, Sr. He was born in Ahualoa, Honokaa, Hawaii. He died Dec. 23 (can't remember the year). I am related to David's sister Louise H. Travis. Louise is my grandma. Are we related???

I live in Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii

DKMaialetti said...

I guess we could be related. I have heard that all Kahana - esp those from the Kau District - are related.
I have not yet found any TRAVIS surname. I am finding it very hard to research my KAHANA ancestors.
Would love to share info.

Hinano said...

Sorry it's taken awhile as I've been trying to find the connection. All names are correct in regards to relations, just can't find the Longfeather connection...still working on it.

DKMaialetti said...

Hi Hinano,
I am so sorry, I did not realize that you had answered my post.
LONGFEATHER may not have anything at all to do with Hawaiian relatives. It was an alias Grandpop Dave used for whatever reasons he had. Unfortunatelt it makes it that much harder to find accurate information about him.