Saturday, January 15, 2011

Switching Gears . . . Looking For Anuszkiewicz-Uncort

It has been awhile since I posted, however, I have not been idle.

I have decided to switch my game plan up a little and look for my Polish Ancestors - who are proving just as illusive as my Hawaiian Ancestors.

Soo, here is what I have gathered so far...

Stanislaw/Stanley ANUSZKIEWICZ
Born between 1876 - 1880 in Poland
Died June 1934 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Buried 5 June 1934 Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon Delaware County, Pennsylvania
     (this is an unmarked grave)

About 1906, he married ...

Aleksandra/Alexandra/Alice SIGMOND
Born between April 1877 - April 1881 in Poland
Died April 1933 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

They had the following children:
Maria/Mary - born Poland
                   - married Josef KOSLOWSKI/KOALOWSKI/KOWALSKI in 1918 Philadelphia, PA.
Ida              - born Poland
Stella           - born about 1906 in Poland
                   - married Wilbur FROST
                   - married Leonard (not sure if this is a given name or a surname)
                   - died 19 September 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland
Stanley        - born 10 August 1910 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                   - died 7 June 1994 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                   - buried 12 June 1994 with his father in Holy Cross Cemetery
Helen          - born 4 November 1914/15 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                   - married David KAHANA (1894 - 1952)
                   - married Raymond BACICAN on 11 July 1959
                   - died 30 August 2001 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                   - buried 6 September 2001 in Holy Cross Cemetery with David KAHANA
Anna           - born about 1922 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                   - married Francis BROWN

The ANUSZKIEWICZ name was changed to UNCORT after the children went to school. Family story is that the Catholic Church changed the name because the nuns could not pronounce the name.

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