Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update on Dominick Kaelin

I have finally made some progress on Dominick Kaelin, brother of my Greatgrandfather Joseph Martin.
As a result of this progress I have met more of my Kaelin cousins.!

I was contacted by a woman named Dorothy, who is the Gradddaughter of Dominick Kaelin. She is the daughter of Helen Kaelin, daughter of Dominick Kaelin & Marie/Mary/Marion Fritsch.

She had told me that Dominick is buried in Northwood Cemetery, along with her Grandmother, Marie. I followed this info up with a phone call to the cemetery and received the following information:

Forest Section - Lot 183:
Dominick Kaelin, interred 3 March 1937 (I had previously found that he died 28 February 1937)
Annie Kaelin, interred 16 June 1904 (nee: Stevens, she is Dominick's first wife; she died in May 1904)
Marie Kaelin, interred 14 January 1958 (she is Dominick's second wife, Dorothy's Grandmother)
Anna Olympia Jastre. interred 28 December 1957 (she is Marie's sister)

I also have some updates on Dominick Kaelin's children:
With Annie Stevens:
Josephine - born 13 August 1895 - died August 1972. She married 1) Augustin Della Pia; 2) James Surdi
Joseph Meinrad - born 22 September 1897 - died March 1969. Married Veronica Story
Charles Dominic - born 17 October 1899 - died September 1985. He never married

With Marie/Mary/Marion Fritsch:
Ferdinand F. - born 5 November 1906 - died October 1980
Helen - born 8 March 1909 - died 14 November 1988
Dorothy - born 29 May 1912 - died 25 November 2011

I had contact my cousin Ken about this info, and as a result he & I got together to share some old family photos, and for me to scan some. Among these pictures is one of Charles Dominic Kaelin:

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