Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Kaelin Info

Still working with the family of Dominick KAELIN.

His eldest son:
Joseph Meinrad KAELIN, born 22 September 1897, Philadelphia, PA. - died March 1969, Philadelphia, PA.

NOTE: The Naturalization Papers for Dominick state that he was born 12 September 1897, however, I have found several documents where his birthdate is listed as 22 September 1897. These documents include WWI & WWII Draft Crads as well as the SSDI Index.
NOTE: I also believe that he is the son of Dominick KAELIN and his first wife Annie STEVENS (1871 - 1904). Dominick & Annie were married in 1894.

Joesph Meinrad KAELIN married Veronica STORY (born June 1897) in 1917. They had 5 children:
Virginia M. - born about 1919 in PA.
Joseph        - born about 1921 in PA.
Roland F.    - born 11 January 1923 - died 12 March 1986
Anna M.     - born 10 December 1925 - died 20 December 1992 San Bernadino, CA.

I pieced this info together through various sources found on the website and also the LDS Family search website.
Using the info I found on the Naturalization Papers for Dominick KAELIN, I ran a search for each child individually. Then I used what information I found and follwed them through the census.
Using that information, I ran a search on the LDS Family search website and found documents supporting the other information. I was able to find a marriage year for Joseph KAELIN & Veronica STORY, as well as the other documents stated above.

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