Friday, July 29, 2005

Hawaii Vital Stats - No Record

I finally heard from the Hawaii Department of Health - Vital Statistics. It took almost 3 months, but they sent back a receipt and a letter. The letter stated that they did not find any record of Grandpop Dave's birth. It also stated that there were no records prior to 1896.

What to do next?

I sent a query to the Hawaii-L list asking for ideas on where to try next. Suggestions I received were to contact the Hawaiian Genealogical Society, contact the Hawaiian Historical Society, and to try Church Records.

I tried Church Records first:
1) I checked the internet to get a list of churches in the area where my Grandfather was born, as well as the number to the Roman Catholic Church in Hawaii (Diocesean Office)
2) I called the Diocesean Office. The archivist was not in and I was given a toll free number as was told to call her back on Thursday or Friday. I called Thursday - the Office was closed. I plan to try again sometime today.
3) I called the Parish that he most likely to attend (this was going by the name of the school he attended, which was also the name of a small town in the Ka'u District. The small town was Hilea). The woman I was talking to had told me to send her all of the information that I had about Grandpop Dave, along with my name, address, and phone number and she would see if she could find anything. I emailed her the information I have. That was Wednesday. I assume it will take at least a week or more, it could even take a month or more.
4) There is no sense in contacting the other Church, the phone number is the same. When I hear from the woman at the other Church, I will ask her about the phone number to the other Church.

I have not written to either the Hawaiian Genealogical Society or the Hawaiian Historical Society yet. I am planning to do that over the weekend.

I have linked (or submitted?) the KAHANA page of the Kaelin Ancestry Page (My Genealogical Website hosted by Rootsweb) to the Hawaiian Roots Website. Hopefully that will give my KAHANA ancestry some exposure.

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