Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Cousins & An Update

Haven't posted in awhile - not much to tell - No progress.

I have found two new cousins!!!

Found a cousin on Tony's Ritchie side of the family. A cousin Michelle. She is Tony's Aunt Betty's daughter.

I also found a Swiss cousin on my Kaelin Line. Stefan Kalin (Kalin is the original spelling of my Maiden name Kaelin). Stefan lives in Zurich.

Michelle, Stefan & I have become Facebook friends as well.

Update on Uncort:
Not much of an update.
I sent a request to Pennsylvania Vital Records a few weeks ago, asking for a copy of Alice UNCORT (Alexandra SIGMOND ANUSZKIEWICZ) death certificate. Have not heard anything yet, but it has only been about two weeks.
I also called the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to see if they have arecord of burial for her. They do not. The woman I was talking to on the phone checked Holly Cross and Holy Sepullchre. She is not buried in Holy Cross with her husband and son; nor is she buried in Holy Sepulchre.
So I am not sure where to go from here.

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