Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Uncort-Anuszkiewicz Update

Finally, I have a copy of my Greatgrandmother, Alice UNCORT's death certificate.

She died in Philadelphia General Hospital on 11 April 1933.
Cause of Death was Chronic Glomerular Nephritis, with Uremic Coma as a contributing factor.
She was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery on 15 April 1933.

A follow-up phone call to the cemetery revealed the exact location of her grave:
Section 1, Range 1, Lot 14

I am going to try to go to the cemetery to check out her grave and get a photo. I had asked the woman on the phone (at the cemetery) if she knew if there was a headstone on the grave, she said she did nnot think there was. I am going to check it out anyway.

So, where to go from here?


I went to the Cemetery over the weekend. I have found that G-Grandmom Alice is buried in a grave that is owned by the Cemetery - actually owned by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. As a result, they cannot give me a listing of those who are buried with her. According to the secretary at the Cemetery, this grave is very similar to the graves in the Infant Section of the Cemetery. They are owned by the Archdiocese and the poor are buried here. There are no headstones and the other person or persons buried in the graves are other poor Catholics. They are not family members.

I don't understand why she is not buried with her husband, son, and brother?

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