Monday, December 26, 2011

Kaelin Update

I have been trying to find some information about my Great-uncle Dominick Kaelin.

Here is what I found:

Dominick KAELIN
born: 11 November 1870 in Einsiedeln, Schwyz, Switzerland

He arrived in the US, along with one of his elder brothers, Joseph Martin KAELIN (my Great-grandfather), about 1888.

I found the Naturalization Record for Dominick. It is dated 12 November 1915. I found this on

This document lists his wife as, Maria. She is actually his second wife, and I believe her to actually be Marion FRITSCH (born 17 June 1870 in Germany). They were married 5 October 1905 in Philadelphia.

Dominick KAELIN married his first wife, Annie STEVENS (born 23 May 1871 in Germany - died about May 1904 in Philadelphia) in Philadelphia on 2 June 1894).

The above document lists the children of Dominick & Maria as follows:
Josephine - born 13 August 1896 in Philadelphia, PA.
Joseph     - born 12 September 1897 in Philadelphia, PA.
Charles    - born 17 October 1899 in Philadelphia, PA.
Freddy     - born 7 October 1906 in Philadelphia, PA.
Helen       - born 8 March 1909 in Philadelphia, PA.
Dorothy   - born 5 May 1912 in Philadelphia, PA.

I believe that the first three children listed are actually the children of Dominick KAELIN & Annie STEVENS.

I have tried to trace Dominick & his family through the Census' for Philadelphia. I had found the census' for 1920 & 1930. I used these to successfully verify the names of Dominick's wife & children, as well as his Naturalization.

I have not yet been able to find when Dominick or his wife, Maria/Marion died, nor where they are buried.


Anonymous said...

related to domonick

DKMaialetti said...

My name is Dee Kaelin Maialetti. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am the Greatgranddaughter of Dominick Kaelin's brother, Joseph Martin.
How are you related to Dominick Kaelin? I have been searching for info about him for a long time. Would be happy to hear from you. You can email me at:

Looking forward to hearing from you.--- Dee

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